7 Feb 2012

Kelly Brook unleashes her uber sexiness once again

Do you guys remember Kelly Brook‘s ridiculously sexy photoshoot for her new lingerie line called New Look that I posted last month here? Of course you do.. you’re still drooling over the damn thing to this day! And I’m pretty sure you’ve also loved her awesome photos from Fabulous magazine that were posted just yesterday here.

Now, prepare to be zapped into a crazy state of drooling once again, because here we have a couple of new photos from Kelly Brook modeling her own lingerie line from New Look. Sweet Christmas! Not only she’s screaming hot but she also designs her own skimpy lingerie and shows us all how incredible it could be.

Of course, this hotness amplifying lingerie looks great on Kelly, but she’s one of the sexiest models on the face of the planet, the type of woman who looks amazing no matter what she’s wearing so.. don’t expect your girlfriend to look this good if you want to buy her this lingerie. Unfortunately I’ve found only these low quality photos but as soon as we find hq versions we’ll replace them.