2 Aug 2010

Kelly Brook really is one of the sexiest babes alive

Kelly Brook Maxim US 1

Gosh, I can’t believe we’re already in August. I searched for a peach who looks exactly like Kelly Brook for over half a year now and I still haven’t found her. I guess maybe there’s no one like her in the whole world and we’ll have to settle only with gawking at her breathtaking pictures.

This month is really hot and if you didn’t knew it yet, the US issue of Maxim made a scorching hot photoshoot with Kelly Brook in their August 2010 Issue. I think this is actually her first US photoshoot, the first of many to come for sure because there are definitely a lot of magazines that would do anything to have her on their cover.

Anyway, in this issue Kelly Brook is unleashing her usual hotness in a desert-themed photoshoot with black lingerie, a bike and her totally rocking body of course. I think that biker could be called the luckiest guy in the world at the moment since Kelly pressed her tasty boobs on him.