6 Feb 2012

Kelly Brook is fabulous, incredible, stunning & so on

If this isn’t the best way to get you up and running after the crazy Super Bowl Sunday .. I really don’t what is. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.. there isn’t anything I’m more attracted to than a girl with the right curves in all the right places and Kelly Brook is exactly that, the queen of curves, absolutely stunning in probably shot you’ll find with her.

And to prove that, here we have a brand spanking new photoshoot with Kelly Brook looking drop dead sexy while posing like the perfect woman for Fabulous magazine. She’s doing her usual thing (i.e looking hot, dropping our jaws) dressed up really sexy while doing a couple of things around the house like.. ironing, cooking, cleaning the floor and waiting for me on the bed, I hope.

Now if you don’t think this isn’t fabulous then.. I guess you might have a problem with your eyes or something. This is hands down one of her hottest photoshoots ever and that’s saying a lot. Enjoy!