4 Sep 2012

Kelly Brook is a 10/10 knockout on the hotness scale

Labor day has come and gone but you know what ?? I’m freaking glad I’m back at the office today because my job or at least what I call ‘job’ is pretty damn great. Not as great as any of the jobs we’ve featured in our list with the top 10 Most Awesome Jobs for Men, but still.. gawking at supermodels all day long and commenting on hotness is pretty exciting.

For example, here’s British bombshell Kelly Brook unleashing her killer curves that drive us wild every single time and looking like the definition of ‘uber hot’ in this brand new pictorial from Nuts magazine. Good lord, this girl is absolutely on fire lately! We haven’t even recovered after drooling over her new lingerie photos from her own lingerie line and now she’s back with a bang.

It looks like she never takes a break from looking so hot. Some of these photos could easily knock you off your chair so I’m going to do the smart thing and stop blabbing so you guys can start drooling over Kelly and her fantastic body. Enjoy!