14 Oct 2013

Kelly Brook and her timeless sexy figure… wow!

Mother of all that is sexy and holy! There’s a lot to go until 2014, but seeing this babe’s unbelievable curves, we can only hope the new year will bring us.. her! There aren’t any right words to describe these photos. This hot, curvacious, bootylicious babe has got me mesmerized. Here’s British sensation Kelly Brook, looking like the definition of drop dead sexy in her new calendar. Daaaaaaaaamn, girl, you so foxy!!!

This hottie will surely get you in the mood, no matter what you had in mind; Jon Bon Jovi used to say “I’ll live while I’m alive and sleep when I’m dead” which works out just fine, since you’d already be stiff. Anyone feeling tired? I’d sure love a nappy-nap with these killer curves. But who could sleep on a time like this?

Staring and enjoying every inch of Kelly Brook body, oozing enormous quantities of sex appeal, you realize she totally blows everyone else out of the water; this hottie is out of this world and in a league of her own. Hell, I’m starting to fear for my own safety because this babe could easily take over the world is she wanted to; hell, looking at them pictures, she does!

One of the sexiest women on the planet right now posing in such nasty, naughty and what-not pics; it’s just too much and there isn’t enough blood right available for my brain. She has about 1,000 times more sex appeal than all other celebrity hotties you’ll see today put together.

If you’re still not convinced that she is one of the sexiest women on the planet, if not THE sexiest, just check out our massive Kelly Brook archive and I’m sure you’ll agree with us in no time. Enjoy!