10 Sep 2012

Kelly Brook and her incredibly perfect everything

Holy freakin’ Batman!!! I really don’t know if I can find the right words to describe these photos. They’re just too hot for words, too hot for your eyes and so on. Here’s one of the sexiest women on the planet right now (right now being the past 5 years and counting), British sensation Kelly Brook, looking like the definition of drop dead sexy in her brand spanking new 2013 calendar.

Yeah, I know we’re still in 2012, but this calendar already gets me in the mood for 2013. I’m sure many other hotties will release their own calendars for 2013, but it’s pretty damn hard to compete this one because Kelly totally blows everyone else out of the water. She has about 1,000 times more sex appeal than all other celebrity hotties you’ll see today put together.

If you’re still not convinced that she is one of the sexiest women on the planet, if not THE sexiest, just check out our massive Kelly Brook archive and I’m sure you’ll agree with us in no time. Enjoy!