20 Apr 2012

Katsia Damenkova in skimpy lingerie just made my day

I’m pretty sure most of you guys and gals don’t have a clue who Katsia Damenkova (or Damankova) is and.. that’s a damn shame considering the fact that she’s probably the hottest Belarusian model and that she already dropped our jaws with a couple of dreamy lingerie photos for Victoria’s Secret.

I remember the first time I’ve seen those photos like it was yesterday: I’ve instantly had a thing for this peach and I even thought she’s a bit hotter than some of the angels from Victoria’s Secret but.. since then I haven’t seen too many pics of this blonde bombshell. She went off our radar for months but today she’s finally back in our attention with a new breathtaking photoshoot.

Here’s Katsia Damenkova looking super pretty and making us feel all fuzzy and warm inside while posing in sexy lingerie for the new Stella McCartney collection. This girl is all kinds of hot and awesome and if these pics won’t make you remember her name from now on then.. probably nothing will. Enjoy! PS: there’s a bonus video as well.