13 Dec 2010

Katsia Damankova’s sweet body is a perfect distraction

Katsia Damankova VS Lingerie 1

When I’ve first seen these drool inducing photos I was like “whoa, who the heck is this peach???”. You probably imagine I know every girl who models for Victoria’s Secret right now and that’s why I was pretty surprised I didn’t knew who this blonde angel was.

Her name is Katsia Damankova and she’s apparently the newest Victoria’s Secret model who will take the world by storm with her amazing body. She comes from Belarus and she’s just 20 at the moment so we’ll probably see a lot more of her in the future!

This new Belarusian sensation has the right curves in all the right places to make us all fall for her and a cute face with sultry lips that will make you think she’s like the perfect relationship material. Anyways, here’s Katsia Damankova showing off her drop dead gorgeous body in lingerie for Victoria’s Secret and totally blowing our minds in the process!