2 Feb 2012

Kate Upton really is that sexy, stunning, perfect, etc

Are you guys sick and tired of drooling over ridiculously hot photos of Kate Upton ?? No? Thought so… I don’t think there’s any guy or even girl who would say “no” to a couple of new photos with this bombshell. Just a week ago we’ve posted a couple of awesome photos with Kate from Beach Bunny (here) and now guess what? She’s back with a bang! Another massive photoshoot for Beach Bunny.

Here she is totally rocking our minds while posing for Beach Bunny Swimwear The Deep Blue Spring 2012 Collection. Hot damn, I absolutely adore this babe and her uber sexy little body. So much so, that even after seeing hundreds of photos with her, she still revs the engines like you wouldn’t believe.

You just can’t get enough of this sexy peach and her killer body and I’m pretty sure Kate Upton will keep doing what she does best reaaally often during the next years and in case you don’t know what it is that she’s doing best, it’s looking like the definition of the perfect woman. Enjoy!