6 Mar 2012

Kate Upton looking as uber hot as she always does

Since you’ve been practically drowning me in emails asking for more photos with Kate Upton that’s exactly how we’re going to kick off this Tuesday. By showing you a new batch of Beach Bunny bikini photos with Kate Upton doing what she probably does best.. posing in bikinis/looking beyond hot/dropping our jaws/making us drool and so on..

These photos are a couple of weeks old and some of you might have seen them already on other mens sites but.. since you’re writing me so often about this blonde bombshell and since we haven’t posted these yet, we’ve thought we should share them with you guys as well. Sounds great, eh? Well the photos are more than just great.

Gosh, no matter how many times I’ve seen Kate Upton’s perfect little body, I’m still mesmerized by every inch of it and that especially goes for this new photoshoot for Beach Bunny. She’s getting a ton of attention and I think  it will be a little awkward when she’ll say she’s dating the awesome guy from Brosome but.. I could handle it.