23 Jan 2012

Kate Upton is hands down the sexiest little minx

Gosh… there’s nothing like the sight of my uber crush, Kate Upton, busting out her ridiculously sexy curves in sexy bikinis in a Monday morning.  This is probably the best way to kick off the new week which I hope it’s going to be just as awesome as these brand spanking new photos with Kate.

So.. here’s her latest batch of Beach Bunny swimwear photos, which, are you can easily see, are some of her sexiest, sultriest, curviest and bustiest photos, right? Whenever I hear about a new photoshoot with Kate Upton and Beach Bunny in the same sentence my tongue is hanging out instantly!

Unfortunately there are just a couple of photos out from this new photoshoot but words can’t describe the magnitude of hotness that you’re about to see. So I’m going to stop right here and let you guys get to the drooling part. Cheers.