9 Mar 2011

Kate Upton in bikinis is perfection part XVI

Kate Upton Beach Bunny new

Ok, I think I’ve already asked this question before but I’ll just say it again: are you guys sick and tired of seeing new stunning photos with blonde bombshell Kate Upton? Nooo? Good, ’cause neither am I. I even started to follow this peach on Twitter, that’s how much I like her. And… yum, she definitely knows how to keep her followers happy with her sexy TwitPics.

But we’re not gonna show you any of her twitpics today because we have another swimwear gallery with this hottie posing for Beach Bunny. I think these photos are brand spanking new, mainly because I’ve probably zoomed on every inch of her previous Beach Bunny photos and I don’t remember seeing these.

So… here’s my new love Kate Upton looking absolutely mesmerizing as usual in this new bikini photoshoot for Beach Bunny. I don’t know what’s up with me but I’m starting to like this peach more and more with every new batch of photos I see with her. I guess I’m not the only one, eh?