22 May 2012

Kate Upton drops cleavage in bikinis… ’nuff said!

Wait, it’s Tuesday already !?? I know you guys and gals were desperately waiting for some hot stuff to make your Monday a lil’ bit better but… it’s pretty damn nice to skip the first day of the week once a while. To make up for yesterday we have not one, not two, but three awesome photoshoots with some of the world’s most beautiful girls that will surely make you go gaga in seconds!!

Since I know everyone and their grannies are craving for more drool inducing photos of the bodaciously hot Kate Upton that’s exactly how we’re going to start the day, with a brand spanking new set of photos from Beach Bunny’s “Bronze” collection with this girl looking hotter than the freaking sun once again.

As you can easily see from any of these photos, Kate is almost too hot for words and that’s exactly why I’m going to cut this one short and leave you guys to the most important part of every article.. clickin’ and drooling over these photos. Enjoy!