18 Aug 2010

Katarina Van Derham has one hell of a 10/10 body

Katarina Van Derham Maxmen 1

Meet Katarina Van Derham, a blonde stunner from LA who calls herself ‘The Worlds Most Beautiful SuperModel’. That’s one hell of a bold statement to make about yourself but the truth is… this peach is really hot. She’s not the most beautiful girl from the entire world but she’s definitely really sexy and shaggable.

I though she was Dutch when I’ve seen her name because only Dutch and maybe Belgium people have a van in their name. Not an icecream van lol. But this girl grew up in a small village in the woods of Slovakia and when she was 22 she moved to US to pursue her dream of becoming a popular model.

She worked her way to the top pretty hard but immediately after her first shot her career has skyrocketed! She did a lot of ads for many popular fashion brands, has graced on the cover of several US and international magazines and she also appeared on TV a couple of times if I got that right.

I don’t know how old these pics from the Portuguese magazine MaxMen are, but I know for sure that Katarina Van Derham is absolutely stunning in this pictorial. Enjoy!