27 Sep 2012

Katarina Ivanovska’s sexiness is on display once again

Hold on to your hats my friends, there’s another set of drool inducing lingerie photos from Yamamay which will put you into a zombie-like state of drooling. Here’s another secret crush I have, Macedonian supermodel Katarina Ivanovska, making your day ten times better while posing for the new sexy lingerie collection from Yamamay, of course.

One look at any of these sizzling lingerie shots and you can easily see why I want to get you guys better acquainted with her. I don’t want to waste your time with boring facts about this peach; not when there are photos like these waiting to be clicked, but I do have to mention that this girl has one of the sexiest bodies I’ve ever laid eyes on.

This is actually our fifth post with Katarina Ivanovska and I have a feeling that she’s going to become a Brosome regular pretty soon. So.. enjoy these awesome photos and expect to see a lot more of this peach pretty soon. Cheers.