23 Apr 2012

Katarina Ivanovska keeps getting hotter, and hotter..

Well hellooo beautiful… Here’s one of my favorite up and coming supermodels, the uber sexy Katarina Ivanovska, looking like a supernova of hotness in sexy little bikinis for the new Yamamay swimwear collection. This girl made me fall for her ever since I’ve seen the first photos with her and she’s just more and more incredible with every new set of photos.

In case you still don’t have a clue who she is, she’s a Macedonian model who’s ready to take over the world with her perfect little body and when I say perfect I really mean it. She’s hands down, one of the hottest new girls I’ve seen in these last months. Let me say it again so it can resonate: Katarina is one of the hottest models I’ve discovered in these last months.

She’s incredible even in the most casual clothes but when she’s wearing flimsy clothing (swimsuits or lingerie) she’s absolutely amazing.. If this is the first time you’re going to see a couple of photos with her, this is definitely the best photoshoot to get you acquainted with her. Enjoy!