16 Feb 2013

Katarina Ivanovska jumps into some seriously sexy lingerie

Here’s another girl we haven’t seen in a long,. long time, Macedonian supermodel Katarina Ivanovska, unleashing her uber sexiness in a brand new lingerie photoshoot for Women’s Secret spring collection, and giving us exactly an idea on how awesome the upcoming spring should be.

I really think this peach is one of the “hidden gems” in the modeling world, adorably hot, yet still pretty underrated at the moment, with the right curves in all the right places to make us go gaga. Ridiculously sexy legs, cleavage, booty, hips, tiny waist, eyes, lips, cleavage (it deserves a second mention), and so on…

It’s probably going to take me too damn long to list every single sexy inch of Katarina’s body, so why waste your time when you could be gawking and drooling over this girl’s curves by clicking on the sexy thumbnails below. Enjoy and, in case you wanna see more of this girl, just check out the related articles below!