11 Jan 2012

Katarina Ivanovska in swimwear will. drop. your. jaw!

Alright guys… let’s kick the day off with a girl most of you probably still don’t know, a gorgeous up and coming model from Macedonia who goes by the name Katarina Ivanovska. It’s been over three months since the first time we’ve featured this hottie in here (thanks to her mesmerizing shoot for Victoria’s Secret) but.. I still remember it like it was yesterday.

I was so infatuated with Katarina and her lovely little body that I even said she’s going to be your new favorite model and I still think the same. Here she is looking totally drop dead sexy and showing off a whole lot of skin in this new swimwear photoshoot for Pain du Sucre.

Now this photoshoot is a prime example as to why this little peach will be one day my future girlfriend. That’s right, I actually like her so much that I’ve decided I’m going to settle down with her for a couple of months.. at which point I’d probably cheat on her with a Brazilian supermodel but it would have been a fun period. S#!t… my girlfriend is going to read this so.. I’d better stop gushing here lol. Enjoy!

PS: yeah, we know that the quality of these pics is pretty bad but.. that’s all we’ve got so deal with it.