12 Aug 2013

Karlie Kloss is so damn sexy it’s illegal

Hey, dudes! What’s up?! It’s been a hot period lately – weather-wise, although the babes haven’t been letting us off easy – and it’s definitely hotter since the last time we’ve met up with uber cute babe Karlie Kloss, now posing for some Victoria’s Secret Lingerie. So close to cooling off.. so close!

I really can’t think of a better way to salute you guys – or gals – than sharing with you a couple of fresh lingerie shots with this sweet peach, who is absolutely on fire! She’s a hot little minx, with the right curves in all the right places, and, even though she looks amazing no matter what she’s wearing, seeing her in lingerie is just a treat for our eyes. How you doin’!

Karlie Kloss has that certain something that drops your jaw straight to the floor in just a matter of seconds and seeing her in sizzling lingerie at the VS Fashion Show or in a new photoshooot like this one will surely make your day. Damn sexy and sweet. Enjoy!