13 May 2013

Karl Lagerfeld’s Wicked Apartment in Paris

In case you’ve always wondered how a renowned designer’s apartment looks like, here’s the answer, coming straight from Paris, these are a couple of photos with Karl Lagerfeld’s state of the art apartment. Located in an 1820 building on the Quai Voltaire, this apartment is a perfect mix between glamour and modernism and would probably be a dream pad for most bros out there.

Yeah, we can’t afford an apartment in one of the best locations from Paris and spend two and a half years renovating it like this, but we can look at these photos and get some inspiration. A lot of glass, metal furniture with polished stainless steel, neutral shades, big rooms that look airy and light and much more.

The living room has moving walls and contains Lagerfeld’s personal library which apparently has over 40,000 books. The atmosphere seems a bit cold, but there are still a couple of elements that make it cozy and inviting as well. Take a look at these photos and tell us what you think of it!