21 Dec 2010

Kara Tointon looking ridiculously sexy in lingerie!

Kara Tointon Asda Lingerie 1

Here’s my secret love from the UK, Kara Tointon, looking red hot and naughty in this brand spanking new lingerie photoshoot for Asda. Now… it’s been a looot of time since we’ve last posted a bunch of photos with this peach but anytime I see her tight little body and amazing smile I’m like a drooling fool. If she’s wearing skimpy lingerie, it all gets even better!

For those of you who still don’t know who she is, I could tell you guys that she’s a ridiculously hot actress from the UK who appeared in a bunch of  movies until now and also in the country’s longest running soap, opera, EastEnders. I don’t know how she is when she acts but Id definitely be in front of my TV to gawk at her groovy body on screen as well.

Apart from acting, this peach also loves to show off her perfect curves doing some modeling once in a while and… that’s what we like the most, eh? Anyways, I know you’re eager to click on these sexy thumbnails so I should better stop here and leave you guys enjoy these pics!