1 Dec 2010

Julieta Grajales is an insanely sexy Mexican actress

Julieta Grajales Maxim 1

Here’s my new Mexican crush, Julieta Grajales, unleashing her hotness to drive all of us crazy in the December issue of the Mexican Maxim. Now, I know very little about this peach because this is just the first time I’ve seen her but I can tell you she’s apparently a pretty popular actress in her country.

With her amazing body, I’d definitely watch her on TV to get a load of those groovy curves! She even has a youtube channel called InvestigationChic where she looks sweet trying to investigate stuff I think. There’s only one video there but you could check it and drool over this peach.

Since she’s pretty famous in Mexico, the local Maxim wanted to please its readers with a scorching hot pictorial with one of the sexiest babes from their country at the moment and.. they surely managed to do Christmas a lot hotter.

I mean… it’s pretty damn cold where I live, we have snow and ice and Mexicans… not only do they have cheap Tequila and hot temperatures all year round but.. they also get to enjoy this peach in lingerie. I guess that’s the solution for a warmer Chrismas: gawking at hotties in lingerie. If they’re in your bedroom too, it’s even better.