29 Nov 2013

Julia Pereira is one piece of Brazilian bliss

It’s Friday again, so you know what this means.. yup, I’m lazy again. But not too lazy to offer you guys and gals another surprise. So, while you melt away under the influence of this baby doll’s sweet smile, I’ll let you know we have a new entry in our lives, the super cute Brazilian model Julia Pereira, prancing around in some teasing lingerie from Adore Me. Well, she’s Brazilian.. so, what did you expect?!

Come on.. you know she’s got all the necessary elements comprised under one tremendously hot and delicious body: she’s Brazilian, curvy, beautiful, super cute and has such a nice smile that your only answer will be “yes, ma’am!” no matter what the request is. This green-eyed foxy babe is a bliss after a hard day’s work; or maybe just a bliss!

We’re not proud about Julia Pereira being featured on Brosome for the first time only today, but we are excited about it! Looking down at this sweetie – and up again – we can’t help but expect her to return, and that’s really soon I’m sure. Why? ‘Cause such natural beauty and sensuality cannot be ignored, no matter how hard you try. Welcome, Julia! Tease us away.. until Monday!