9 Nov 2011

Josefina Pouso’s hotness will knock you off your chair

I really can’t think of a better way to end this day other than posting this drool inducing photoshoot featuring Josefina Pouso, an amazing actress and model from Argentina from what I’ve found out. Apparently she’s pretty damn popular in that part of the world but shes’ going to take over the whole world with her hotness sooner or later.

She’s been featured in many lads magazines from Latin America but I think this is easily her sexiest photoshoot yet, if not her sexiest shoot ever. Here she is looking totally drop dead sexy in this jaw dropping pictorial for the newest issue of SH magazine from Argentina. Now if these photos won’t convince you to like this peach.. then probably nothing will.

Hot damn, those hand bra photos are making me squirm in my chair. And it’s no surprise because she’s got the right curves in all the right places and a ridiculously sexy tattoo as well. Gosh, I really hope we’re going to see a lot more of Josefina Pouso in the near future. That’s it. Time to drool.