15 Feb 2012

Jorgie Porter’s rollercoaster curves are definitely nuts

Here’s British TV star from Hollyoaks, the drop dead sexy Jorgie Porter, radiating with uber hotness and busting out her bodacious curves for the newest issue of Nuts magazine. Now, if you’ve never heard of this blonde bombshell before, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

I’ve never heard of her either until this day and.. after a quick Google search for, I’ve discovered that she’s pretty popular, especially in the UK, thanks to her role in Hollyoaks, of course. You probably can’t watch TV show even if you wanted so these pics with her sexy little body will get you acquainted with her hotness and will make you remember her name from now on..

I’m sure you’ll be just as impressed and amazed as I am right now so I’m going to stop right here and leave you guys to the most important part.. drooling over these wonderful photos with Jorgie Porter.