13 Sep 2010

Johanna Lundback will make your computer screen steam

Johanna Lundback lingerie 1

When I first saw a couple of pics with one of the sexiest babes from Sweden, Johanna Lundback, I had to take the rest of the day off because I couldn’t focus on anything else after I’ve seen this amazing beauty. She’s not the usual blond stunner with ocean blue eyes that probably comes to our minds when we think of hot Swedish babes but this peach is a jaw dropping brunette who’s really, really close to perfection.

She’s pretty young, just 19  at the moment and she already rocked everyone from her country with her gorgeous body after she competed in her country’s Miss Universe beauty pageant. She was really close to win it but she surely managed to win our attention and several fashion brands wanted her to model for them after this contest.

So.. to kick off this new week, we’ve got a treat for your eyes:  Swedish sensation Johanna Lundback showing off her insanely hot body for Miss Sixty lingerie. Enjoy!