28 Jun 2013

Johanna Lundback showing off her sexy tatoo

One of my favorite hotties is back, showing off more of that drop dead gorgeous body – here’s Swedish supermodel Johanna Lundback, looking like the definition of “smoking hot” in one heck of a lingerie photoshoot for Nelly.

This girl is so freaking attractive it’s insane. She has one of the finest bodies on the entire planet and she loves to show it off in lingerie which are probably the two reasons why you’ll fall for her instantly. She’s not exactly the type of girl you’d think of whenever you imagine the perfect Swedish supermodel.. she might be even better!

I’m totally digging this girl, her perfect little body, her smile, her eyes and especially how jaw dropping she looks when she’s posing in sexy lingerie. But that small tattoo is really mesmerizing. Here’s hoping she’ll show us more! Alright guys.. Time to click on the sexy thumbnails!