23 Apr 2010

Johanna Lundback looking ridiculously hot in lingerie

Johanna Lundback 5

We kicked off this week with Catrinel Menghia showing off her groovy body in a new lingerie photoshoot and we’re going to end it with another incredible lingerie photoshoot. I’ve always considered Sweden as one of the countries with the hottest women in the world but my idea of a hot Swedish chick is generally a blond girl with a body that has the right curves in the right places and amazing blue eyes.

That sounds pretty great right? but not all women in Sweden are like that and this girl we’re about to show you here will change your idea of the perfect Swedish chick. So, probably for the first time, get ready to feast your eyes with Johanna Lundback, a stunning brunnete from Sweden with a curvaceous body who participated last year in her country’s Miss Universe contest.

She ended up in the fourth place but her beauty was really appreciated and some fashion brands decided she’s the best to promote their products. So, here we have some amazing pictures with Johanna Lundback looking ridiculously hot in skimpy lingerie.

Did we mention this babe is only 19? No? Oh well, she is. This photoshoot had well over 100 amazing pics and we had to narrow them to well… just 66. Enjoy!