28 Dec 2010

Johanna Lundback looking liker her new ultra hot self

Johanna Lundback Nelly

Oh my, I really don’t know if I could find the right words for this article because this girl, Johanna Lundback, is so hot she can melt the northern ice cap! She’s actually from Sweden and she’s not really the type of girl you’re thinking of when you imagine a hot Swedish babe.

You probably think all hot girls from Sweden are big-boobed blondes with blue eyes but this peach is even better than that. She’s a stunning brunette with a perfectly shaped body, a really cute face and a pair of brown eyes that will make any of us fall for her in a matter of seconds!

Since I’ve seen the first photos with this girl I was completely mesmerized by her and it seems she never disappoints. So.. Here’s Swedish model Johanna Lundback wearing skimpy see-thru clothes and lingerie from Nelly and doing one hell of job of showing off her groovy little body. Hoochie mama!