20 Feb 2012

Johanna Lundback is uber hot from head to toe

Wow, wow and wow! I don’t remember when was the last time we’ve featured Swedish supermodel Johanna Lundbäck in here, definitely too many months ago, but what I do remember is that she was one of my favorite hotties sometime last year, a girl with a perfect little body and amazing eyes hot enough to make me forget that it’s still winter and still freaking cold outside.

If there’s one girl I find more attractive than the “usual” Swedish hotties (blonde, blue eyes and so on) it’s definitely Johanna. I’ve said it before and I’ll just say it again, this girl is so freaking attractive it’s insane. She has one of the finest bodies on the entire planet and she loves to show it off in lingerie which are probably the two reasons why you’ll fall for her instantly.

Having said that, here’s a massive gallery with Johanna Lundback looking absolutely stunning in an assortment of skimpy lingerie from Nelly and making us all go speechless. That’s what happened to me right now. I’m out of words. Drool. Enjoy. Wow.