6 Jan 2012

Joanna Krupa is looking sultrier than ever… at her place!

Let’s see what’s on the menu for you guys today.. A new Me in My Place photoshoot is always good but when I’ve seen that Joanna Krupa is in the newest photoshoot I nearly fell off my chair. Damn, this girl is beyond stunning and seeing her prancing around in her sexy little crib is more than any of us would have asked for.

Now before I get into how much of a crime it is that we don’t get to see nearly enough of Joanna Krupa lately, I would like to mention that she is, hands down, one of the best reasons to love Poland, and you’ll see exactly what I mean after one look at any of these awesome photos.

Seriously, how freaking hot does she look? It’s a damn shame that we get boring candids of “celebs” every day and have to wait months for new photos like these ones with Joanna Krupa. We’ll have to thank the guys from Esquire for a new wonderful photoshoot with this supernova of hotness.

[via Esquire]