13 Nov 2012

Jessica Perez in swimwear will knock your socks off!

And.. the guys (or gals) from Macy’s have done it again !!! Here’s Costa Rican super hottie and supermodel Jessica Perez dropping everyone’s jaw and showing us all what perfection looks like while posing for the new swimwear collection from.. Macy’s, of course. A sweet display of her stunning looks and a tiny dose of her slender curves in bikinis that always make me weak at the knees.

Even though she wasn’t named Rookie of the Year in the 2012 edition of SI’s Swimsuit Issue, this girl was easily one of my favorites and showed us all how amazing she looks when she’s prancing around the beach in a bikini. That’s exactly what she’s doing in this brand new photoshoot from Macy’s as well, that’s why I’m sure you’re going to be all over these pics.

I can probably gush over this peach until Christmas but since most of you guys have already started the drooling part, I’m going to shut up and let the photos do the rest of the talking for me. Enjoy!