30 Jul 2010

Jessica Jane Clement will drop your freaking jaw

Jessica Jane Clement Loaded Ukraine 1

It took me a while to realize if it’s really Jessica Jane Clement in these breathtaking pictures or not. She’s one of my favorite celebrity hotties but these pictures are from the Ukrainean Issue of Loaded and they have an awkward spelling which is definitely impossible to understand for us all.

In the end, I found out it’s really her and even though I think these pics also appeared a couple of years ago in the UK issue of Loaded, these are surely a must post here.  Her body is so hot that it’s just not fair for most of us. I mean… you can’t look at these pics and then go out and pick up some random chicks because they’re all going to seem really average compared to this peach.

Any new pics with Jessica Jane Clement are simply jaw dropping and if you get to see her in a bikini like she is in these pics from the Ukrainean Loaded your day will surely get a lot better. Enjoy!