26 Jul 2010

Jessica Jane Clement looking as stunning as always

Jessica Jane Clement 1

Jessica Jane Clement has been a well known British model and actress for quite some time now and apart from being really popular, this babe is also one of the hottest if not the sexiest woman from this country. She’s not a real con artist, but she plays one on TV.

She’s featured on a British TV show called “The Real Hustle” in which she has to go around scamming people and to be honest, for a girl as hot as Jessica, she probably doesn’t have a hard time getting one over on googly-eyed men. Heck, I might be fooled by this peach too.

Her rollercoaster body is hot enough to melt icebergs and when she was just 18 she posed for Playboy. Since then the photoshoots came one after the other and every new batch of pictures with this peach will induce drooling in a matter of seconds.

So… Here we have British sensation Jessica Jane Clement showing off her perfectly shaped body int he latest issue of Zoo magazine and, since we only had a few pics from this magazine, we also added a couple of fresh lingerie pics with her from Nuts. PS: sorry ’bout the quality of these pics, that’s all we got for now.