5 Oct 2011

Jessica Jane Clement is so hot she can melt a glacier

Now here’s one of my favorite girls, Jessica Jane Clement, unleashing her hotness for the newest issue of Nuts UK magazine and looking like the sexiest woman on the entire planet in the process. Apparently these pics are a sneak peek at her 2012 calendar and all I can say is WOW, a calendar with this brunette bombshell !!? That’s going straight on my desk as soon as possible.

As you can see, this brand new photoshoot is one of the Jessica’s sexiest shoots, if not her sexiest pictorial ever. Yeah, I know.. I think I’ve already said this before about other photoshoots with this peach but I guess new is always better ’cause it’s always great to gush over a couple of new photos with your love for the first time.

Now I’m a little hesitant to call the top photo the sexiest of the sexiest, when I still have a strong admiration for probably every other photo with this girl, but hot damn that top photo is making me squirm in my chair. And it’s no surprise because it features Jessica Jane Clement showing off her ridiculously sexy curves.  Enjoy!