23 Nov 2011

Jessica Jane Clement is back in a sexy bikini, whoohoo!

Gosh, I’m pretty buzzed today after a pretty crazy night so don’t expect to hear anything smart from me. I’m not sure if you guys got the memo or not, but I absolutely love Jessica Jane Clement. I like every single inch of this girl: her legs, her boobs, her curves, her booty, her eyes, her tats and, of course, her lovely British accent as well. Her voice is freaking awesome!

But what I really, really, really dig about this peach, besides the obvious hotness, is that she’s always flirting with the camera doing some of the sexiest poses I’ve ever seen.. Here she is unleashing her sexy little body once again in a sexy bikini somewhere on a beach in Thailand looking like a drop dead sexy little minx in the process.

Hot damn, she just oozes sexiness from every inch of her body, eh? Jes is one of the most amazing girls I’ve ever seen and even though I’ve seen hundreds of jaw dropping photos with her, I still can’t get enough and want more, and more and more. PS: these photos are untouched. Enjoy!