1 Nov 2011

Jessica Jane Clement is a 10/10 on the uber sexy scale

Here’s one of the hottest women on the face of the planet (and coincidentally my future wife), Jessica Jane Clement, looking like the definition of perfection in this brand new batch of photos from Nuts. Now this girl… totally scorched up the pages of the newest issue of Nuts magazine and today we’re going to share with you guys and gals a couple of outtakes from that pictorial.

We all know outtakes are sometimes even better than the photos that get to be published in the magazine, right? We’ve actually posted the photos from the magazine around three weeks ago (here). It’s no secret that Jessica Jane Clement has quickly become my favorite hottie (and maybe yours too) and these photos are perfect proof as to why.

This girl is an absolute stunner, has a killer body, and oozes mondo sex appeal and if that won’t make you drool like a fool then I don’t know what will. If you ever get to watch her on The Real Hustle where she’s a sexy a sexy little con artist and talks with that adorable British accent, I’m sure you’ll be all over her like I am right now.