29 May 2012

Jessica Hart in lingerie just made my jaw drop

Yesterday was just the first time we’ve heard of La Maison Simons thanks to a couple of drool inducing bikini shots with Alyssa Miller and.. today they’re back in our attention with something that’s maybe even better than that. Their new lingerie collection was presented by another favorite of ours, the adorably hot Australian supermodel Jessica Hart.

We don’t get to see this hottie from Down Under too often but, when we discover a brand new set of photos with her, it’s definitely something that has to be shared with you guys and gals as well. Whenever she poses in lingerie, this girl leaves everyone drooling like a brain dead zombie and it’s all thanks to her tight little body.

I’m going gaga over her ultra tiny waist and her groovy hips, and, let’s face it, the rest of her is equally incredible. That’s it, I need a bit of fresh air while you enjoy these photos. Go on…