4 Apr 2012

Jessica Dykstra is new for us and.. adorably hot!

Wow, the guys from Frederick’s of Hollywood have done it again! Here is a new drool inducing lingerie photoshoot from FoH featuring a hottie I’m pretty sure most of you guys and gals don’t know yet, the lovely Jessica Dykstra. She’s an up and coming supermodel from the US who looks amazing from head to toe and, as you can easily see from any of these photos, she’s beyond stunning whenever she poses in lingerie.

And thanks to the guys from Frederick’s we have exactly forty four awesome lingerie photos with this girl that will probably haunt your dreams tonight. It’s just the first time I’ve had the privilege of seeing a couple of photos of this peach for me as well and I have to say I was pretty speechless for about 15 minutes while I’ve gushed over every single photo from this gallery.

That’s exactly why I’m pretty sure you’re going to love Jessica Dykstra… because she’s so ridiculously hot that she could steam up your monitor with just a couple of photos of her in lingerie. If these photos won’t convince you to remember her name from now on, probably nothing will.. Enjoy!