16 Feb 2012

Jessica Clarke is going to be your new favorite hottie

Guess what? We’ve discovered another adorably hot model that you probably don’t know. Her name is Jessica Clarke and, apart from telling you that she’s freaking cute and that she’s from New Zealand I could also tell you that she’s just 18 right now and she’s been noticed by Victoria’s Secret as you’re about to see in this post.

She even walked on the runway at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in sexy lingerie and.. I’m ashamed to say I didn’t know that until this day. Gosh, and I’ve watched that show many, many times, for “research” you know. She was one of the cuties I couldn’t recognize but now the mystery is finally solved!

I think I’ve seen a couple of photos with her just a couple of weeks ago on one of the numerous sites I visit on a daily basis but only today she had my full attention, all thanks to these sweet photos. Here she is showing off her sexy little body and looking like a freaking hottie in sexy panties for Victoria’s Secret. Enjoy, and try to remember her name from now on, ok?