9 Dec 2010

Jessica Cirio is like a supernova of hotness

Jessica Cirio 1

Do any of you know Jessica Cirio? I remember I’ve had a thing for her two or three years ago when I first had the pleasure of gawking at a bunch of photos with her tight little body but since then she went under my radar and I kinda forgot how amazing she was.

But today I received an email from one of our fans telling us that we should definitely check this girl and I’ve started looking for more and more photos with her. For those of you who don’t know her yet, Jessica Cirio is a drop dead gorgeous model and dancer from Argentina of Italian descent. That sounds like a pretty great mix, eh?

She’s blonde and she definitely knows how to turn all men into her slaves. Apart from having a totally rocking body close to perfection, this peach also knows how to rock it with her great dance moves. She was featured in a bunch of local mens magazines until now and she even has a TV show in Argentina according to wiki.

Anyways, here is a gallery with probably the hottest photos out there with Argentine model and dancer Jessica Cirio. That’s all.