30 Aug 2012

Jessica Cediel busts out her killer lingerie curves…

Now here’s another Colombian bombshell that I’m pretty sure you guys and girls don’t know yet, a hottie with just the right curves in all the right places to make you go gaga. Her name is Jessica Cediel and apparently she’s pretty popular in her native country after posing in all sorts of sexy outfits and hosting a couple of TV shows.

You’ll see exactly why she’s that popular thanks to these amazing photos in which she’s showing off her uber sexy curves and lovely lady lumps in skimpy lingerie and swimwear for a company called Chamela. Say it with my friends… hoochie mama! If these photos won’t zap you into a zombie like state of drooling then.. nothing will.

This girl’s body is absolutely to die for and thank god we have over 100 photos (120 to be more exact) ready to be clicked and drooled over. They’re not brand spanking new but you probably won’t care about that ’cause she’s just too freaking hot.