27 Feb 2012

Jeremy Evans is the new Slam Dunk Champion

So, in case you’ve missed the Slam Dunk contest on Saturday, it was a blast like always. There was all sorts of crazy drunks, from a blindfolded dunk to jumping over people and dunking but in the end, Jeremy Evans won it with this awesome dunk that you could see below.

His best dunk was a double slam where his teammate sat on a chair, threw two balls up, and Evans jumped over him, grabbed the balls, and dunked them both. Evans was in for Iman Shumpert, who was out on injury, and he won by a fan vote. He snagged 29% of the 3 million votes that were cast.

The Shooting Stars competition saw a win by Team New York. Each team was comprised of a current player, a former player, and a WNBA player. Houston had to be the MVP, sinking a pair of half court shots for the win. For the 3-point competition, Kevin Love took the win, outlasted his opponents in a first round tiebreaker and then taking the final 17-14.