13 Jul 2011

Jenny Lopez is one freaking sexy little babe

There was a time when I was completely infatuated with Jennifer Lopez, but then she fell off our radar and I quickly realized that she isn’t as stunning as I thought she was or as talented either. Oh wait, we’re not talking about J Lo here, eh? Right… This article is actually about Jenny Lopez who’s a totally different babe with another story and a drop dead gorgeous body.

Jenny Lopez is a popular model from Colombia from what I’ve heard and until now she’s been showing off her body here and there for a couple of renowned fashion designers. Here we’ve got a massive gallery with this peach looking absolutely hot in lingerie, swimwear, daywear and other skimpy outfits for the newest collection from FreePeople.

Now this photoshoot will probably make you waste 20 minutes of your life but damn.. that’s 20 minutes well spent. Seeing this girl in this many photos and clothes makes me think that she looks incredible no matter what she’s wearing and she could induce drooling with any occasion. Let’s see if she has the same effect on you guys.