8 Sep 2010

Jennifer Hawkins looking like her usual uber hot self

Jennifer Hawkins FHM Australia 1

Here’s the Aussie sensation and former Miss Universe, Jennifer Hawkins, doing what she does best… and that’s posing in a drool inducing pictorial that will transform us all into drolling zombies! This peach is definitely one of the most gorgeous babes on the face of the planet and every time I see  a couple of fresh pics with her my day gets a looot better.

She has one of the most perfect bodies I’ve ever gushed over and she has that classy and elegant beauty and a certain charm that will make you fall for her instantly. I’ve seen quite a lot of pics with Jennifer and in every single pic you’ll find with her, even in the most casual circumstances when she goes shopping for example… she looks incredbile

If you get to see her in bikinis or lingerie the whole picture gets a lot better and today we have a treat for you guys. Jennifer Hawkins just posed for the October issue of the Australian FHM looking hot as a supernova in skimpy lingerie. Too bad there are only 4 pics in this pictorial. Oh well, that should be more than enough.

Jennifer Hawkins FHM Australia 2

Jennifer Hawkins FHM Australia 3

Jennifer Hawkins FHM Australia 4