25 Feb 2010

Jennifer Hawkins looking about as hot as a supernova

Jennifer Hawkins swimsuit 1

For a lot of us Jennifer Hawkins might be the definition of perfection and, since her main job is to look beautiful all the time, she keeps impressing us with new photoshoots with her amazing body! Jennifer knows how to dance and even cheer and she could easily charm you just like she charmed the judges into naming her Miss Universe a couple of years ago.

She’s a charming, classy and elegant beauty and in all pictures I’ve seen with her, even in the most casual and boring clothes, she looks incredible. If you get to see a couple of bikini, lingerie or swimsuit pics with her you will probably be even more impressed by Jen.

Here we’ve got a new photoshoot with Jennifer Hawkins showing off her tight body wearing a sexy swimsuit in an superb location.