21 May 2010

Jennifer Ellison shows off her ridiculously hot body

Jennifer Ellison 1

Since there weren’t too many fresh and super hot pictorials to choose from today we’ve decided to show you a couple of pictures with the British stunner: Jennifer Ellison. This girl is an English actress, glamour model and TV personality and besides appearing in a bunch of English TV shows she was also featured in probably every mens magazine from UK.

We hope you have enough breath to take you through watching these pics because Jennifer is borderline illegal. It seriously should be against the law to look this hot and I’m pretty sure she caused at least a couple of accidents when men turned their heads after her rocking body.

Jennifer Ellison has assets big enough to make you clutch your dear heart and say “Bloody hell”. We took some time to select some of the sexiest pictures with Jennifer and this might keep you occupied for a while.