13 Aug 2012

Jenna Pietersen looking drop dead sexy in lingerie

What’s up matees??  Are you ready for another awesome week? In case you’re not as excited as I am, we have a couple of sweet posts planned for today that will surely cure your Monday blues and get you in the mood for this week. And.. we’ll start the day with a South African hottie we haven’t seen in a long, long time.

Here’s the drop dead sexy Jenna Pietersen looking absolutely screaming hot yet again while posing for the new collection of skimpy little outfits from Lingadore which basically consists of sexy lingerie and nightwear. Hoochie mama… she’s unleashing those mind blowing curves like there’s no tomorrow and looks so incredible that I almost fainted after clicking on the first photo from this photoshoot.

Jenna Pietersen is pretty popular right now but she has all it takes to be a global sensation, not just pretty popular. No clue why we don’t get to see new photos of her on a weekly basis because.. I’m sure we’d all like that, right ?? I hope we won’t have to wait six months again ’til we’ll find a new photoshoot with this girl.