24 Jul 2013

Jehane “Gigi” Paris is an evil teaser

Well, hello there cruel teaser! Here’s my uber crush from Miami, the uber cute model Jehane ‘Gigi’ Paris, looking as adorably hot as ever in this brand spanking new lingerie photoshoot for Affinitas. It’s been a long long time since the last time we’ve featured this cutie on our site but no matter.. she’s here now. Would I want more? Yes, please!

There’s no way around it: you’ll melt away from the first photo you’ll get your eyes on. This peach is so sweet that at 21 she already took the modeling world by storm, with her groovy little curves and awesome smile. She looks so freaking sexy in these photos that I’m actually squirming in my chair while I’m writing this. More.. I want more!

What’s even better is that she’s absolutely dreamy whenever she’s trying on some sexy lingerie and that’s the case right now. Hot as she is, Jehane ‘Gigi’ Paris could heat up the atmosphere in your room in just a matter of seconds. One more time, please! Enjoy!