24 Jul 2012

Jayne Moore has one heck of a cute little body

Finally, a brand new Jayne Moore photoshoot, and a drop dead sexy one as well !! Here is my hidden crush showing off her super sexy side in skimpy lingerie for the new collection from ASOS making us fall for her instantly in the process. It’s been months since the first time we’ve featured this adorably hot girl here and I still remember it like it was yesterday.

I was so impressed by this girl’s sweetness that my heart skipped a beat and.. these photos should be enough proof as to why I say that. She’s hands down one of the hottest models we don’t know too well yet and that’s only because there’s very little info on her on the web right now. All I know is that she’s uber cute and she looks amazing whenever she poses in lingerie, which is more than enough for you to remember her name, right?

But.. I’m sure we’re going to find more and more info about her thanks to more photoshoots like these in the future. I can probably go on and on about how awesome she is but I’ll stop gushing so you guys can get to clicking and falling head over heels in love with this sexy little peach. Enjoy!